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Contact us Jadachris Xpress is a bike logistics company getting parcels and goods across to Lagosians every day.

Efficiency and Speed Combined to serve you better!

Efficiency and speed are two of our core values at Jadachris Xpress. You can sign up with us knowing that we will always be on time, and always stay true to our promises

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Individual Deliveries

Do you want to send any parcel within Lagos? Let’s help get your parcel to its destination on time.

We are safe, convenient, and always on time. A trial will convince you why we are the courier company of choice for thousands of Lagosians like you.

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Business Delivery

Are you a business with a need for dedicated logistics and delivery solutions? Then get in contact with us today and we will schedule a call with you to explain how we can be of help to you.

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We Are Better

We employ technology to monitor our riders and your parcels that you put in our care to deliver. This investment in technology helps us deliver a better service to both our clients and our riders.
We are simply better than other logistics companies out there who do things manually.

We Are Always on Time

Need something delivered quickly and on time? Then you should opt for us! Jadachris Xpress’s mission statement is to deliver parcels and goods both speedily and efficiently.
We are the service of choice for individuals and businesses who are operating on a deadline and need to deliver things quickly.

We Are Affordable

We have eliminated unnecessary bureaucratic processes to make sure that we don’t operate based on hidden costs or charges.
With us, what you see is what you get, as we have gone the extra mile to make sure that our services are affordable to all of our target customers.

We Are Reliable

Honesty is our watchword at Jadachris Xpress. We believe that for a company to succeed in the digital age, honesty should be an integral part of the brand.
This is why we do everything possible every time to make sure that we keep our promises to our customers.
You can put your parcel in our care and go to sleep knowing that we will do anything possible to get it safely and securely.

Our Uniqueness

We offer unrivalled customer care in the industry.
Our agents and representatives are always on ground to help you solve any issue, or explain anything you don’t understand.
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Address: D15 Abayomi Shopping Complex, Lawanson-Surulere, Lagos.